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Onwards and Upwards for Self-Storage

30 January, 2024

Onwards and Upwards for Self-Storage

Self-Storage is experiencing a boom at the moment. This is due to an increased demand for extra space at home. This can be for multiple reasons. This blog explains why self-storage users are on the up and some of the new trends that are responsible for this increase.


Why Self-Storage

There are a variety of reasons our customers come to Keepsafe Storage Centres. For some, self-storage is a short-term solution, providing a temporary place to store their belongings whilst moving home. For others, self-storage can be a cost-effective long-term solution to a lack of storage space. People want a clutter-free home and need somewhere to store belongings they’ve accumulated over years. 



Changing Needs

Changes over the last few years have affected everyone and have undeniably contributed to the self-storage boom. COVID has changed how people work. With an increased number of people working remote or hybrid jobs, people require an organised, productive workspace. What's more, households are restricted by rising housing costs. Residential and commercial property has become more expensive. Mortgage rates and rental prices are higher than many are comfortable with. This limits people’s options leading to storage space being sacrificed for affordability. 

Increased Demand

These changes have increased the demand for storage as people are forced to seek storage solutions outside of our homes and offices, or to reduce overheads. It’s becoming more apparent that self-storage is a service that reflects modern demands and priorities. It meets an essential need brought upon by a cultural and economic shift. Let’s not also forget that self-storage is affordable, and therefore good value for money.




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