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Student Storage Dundee & Perth

We understand the frustration of moving between the family home, student halls and private flats whilst studying at university and want to help make those frequent moves as easy and seamless as possible for students who study in Scotland.  

To help students with their storage and moving needs, Keepsafe Storage offers excellent, affordable storage options for students to use during term time and over holiday breaks. 

Whether you need a small-sized storage locker to securely store your textbooks or bedding over the summer break, or are looking for a garage-sized storage space to store a full room worth of belongings, our reliable student storage units are here for you! 

Make moving easier and give yourself a guarantee that you’ll have quick access to all the items you’ll need for your upcoming year of study with Keepsafe’s secure storage solutions for students.  


Who are your student storage units for? 

As a Scottish based storage company, Keepsafe offers secure storage for students in both Perth and Dundee. With both of these cities being popular student areas, our student storage units are ideally placed for students attending: 

  • Dundee University
  • Abertay University 
  • DJCAD 
  • Perth College UHI 

Of course, our student storage units in Perth and Dundee are also available to students in other parts of the country and could perhaps benefit students attending St. Andrews or Stirling, although some travelling would be required.  

Our storage units are also perfect for students who live abroad. Instead of lugging all your books and winter clothes back home every summer, paying extortionate amounts for luggage and breaking your back in the process, simply book yourself a budget-friendly student storage unit at one of our sites.

We'll keep all of your items safe, dry and secure whilst you enjoy your summer break back home. Plus, with easy access, you’ll have no issues collecting your items whenever you need them. 

With our secure facilities and great rates for term-time and vacation storage, it would be crazy not to take advantage of our cost-effective student storage solutions! Just give our friendly team a call today and we'll find the perfect storage unit for you.  

You can contact our Perth student storage facility on 01738 580 077 

You can contact our Dundee student storage facility on 01382 736 762 

What are the benefits of student self-storage?   

No one moves around quite like a student. A year in halls followed by a summer back home, only to move into another flat once term time starts... talk about a stressful moving time! 

In addition, students need to be prepared for the year ahead with textbooks, notebooks, extra bedding, winter clothes, cooking utensils, crockery and everything else one may need for a comfortable year of study. Carrying all of this back and forth between cities or countries is no one's idea of fun, which is what makes our student storage units a true lifesaver! 

The benefits of opting for student self-storage from Keesafe are: 

  • Additional space for storing your belongings  
  • A safe, secure location to store belongings over the long summer break 
  • No need to transport all your items back to your home country if you live outside of the UK 
  • Keep heavy, expensive items such as furniture and kitchenware within easy access if you’re moving flat between terms 
  • Easy access to your storage unit whenever you need 
  • Free move-in van rental to make picking up or dropping off your items even more convenient 
  • Peace of mind that your items will be kept safe and sound for the exact amount of time that you require 
  • Quality packing supplies to make your move easier 
  • Affordable storage rates  
  • Wide choice of storage unit size  
  • Highly secure storage facilities  

So, whether you’re a student heading back home within the UK, to another country, or going travelling abroad, our professional storage team will keep your things safe and sound at our secure storage facility in Perth or Dundee. 


What size of student storage units do you offer? 

The size of the storage unit you will need will vary depending on how much stuff you need to store. Generally, students opt for smaller-sized storage units and find the following sizes to be the best fit for their storage needs: 

  • 10sqft 
  • 15sqft 
  • 25sqft 

To keep the cost down you could consider sharing a unit with one or two friends who are also in need of storage. Even if one of your party removes their items earlier than planned, we can easily accommodate your needs by moving your items into a smaller sized unit to avoid unnecessary fees.  

Our staff are extremely helpful and are willing to assist you in any way that they can in order to ensure your storage requirements are fully met. If you're not sure where to start, don't worry. Just speak with one of our team members and we'll help you find the right storage solution for you. 

Contact us today to secure your student storage unit for the dates that you require.  

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