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Keepsafe Offering a Helping Hand to Local Charities

05 December, 2023

Keepsafe Offering a Helping Hand to Local Charities

Here at Keepsafe Storage we are always here to give a helping hand to charities that support those in need in the local community

Local Communities

We want to show the Keepsafe team some appreciation for their time and effort in helping charities help others. Keepsafe are taking the initiative to have a positive impact on the local community by connecting with local charities. We have committed to having a positive effect on our local communities. From local football teams to mental health charities, and families facing financial hardship to children in need of extra support, we want to help.

Keepsafe are proud to have sponsored a seven-a-side football team, Pitreavie Super Sevens. As a result, our donation helps fund the cost of team kits, equipment or travel for away games. Mental health is something Keepsafe takes seriously so we welcomed the opportunity to sponsor AJD Digital, who braved Everest’s gruelling conditions for seven days. As a result, they successfully raise awareness and £2,500 for the Scotland Association for Mental Health, SAHM.

Fight Against Poverty

One of Keepsafe key values is to help those families facing financial hardship, helping those that offer a lifeline to those most in need. One charity we are proud to offer free storage to be Dunfermline Foodbank. This provides space for them to store donations received for families that provides a lifeline for many during the cost of living crisis. 

Christmas is an expensive time of the year! This puts extra pressure on low income families who are already struggling with the cost of living crisis. We want to help these families and jumped at the opportunity to offer support to Perth Kid’s Operation Party. Perth Christmas Toy Operation wants to ensure no child goes without this Christmas. By donating storage to hold received donations, we hope to help give less fortunate children a magical Christmas with some presents from Santa. 

Keepsafe Storage also feels strongly about families facing hardship, so when TASH 4 Ukraine approached us we did not hesitate to offer them help. First formed when Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, this group of volunteers, explore ways of providing practical support to Ukrainians affected by the invasion. Keepsafe are only happy to help by offering free cardboard boxes for donations to be packed into and shipped to Ukraine.

Another charity we are proud to help is The Gloag Foundation. This charitable trust was set up to support projects that prevent or relieve poverty, encourages the advancement of education, health and religion in the UK and overseas. Other charities Keepsafe support on a regular basis are The Red Cross and Salvation Army. By offering free storage to store donations, we provide free storage to store for them to store donations. The extra space lets them store donations that need to be sorted through before being sold in the local stores.  

Children in Need

Keepsafe Storage also offers free storage to another charity called Wee Jamie’s Journey. Jamie’s family’s world fell apart when their son Jamie was diagnosed with terminal disease, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Jamie receives specialised treatment in South America every 4 months, at a cost of around £60,000 per year. The treatment will help slow this disease down, hopefully giving Jamie a better chance and quality of life. We are only too happy to help by providing them the extra space they need to store much needed donations.

Recently, we have also sponsored a charity horse race for local charity SHIP – Support, Help and Integration in Perthshire. This fundraiser successfully raised £1,962 towards providing support to young people with additional support needs. This support offers opportunities for young people to develop friendships and skills through youth clubs, play schemes and activity clubs.

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