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Secure Shredding

01 November, 2022

Secure Shredding Service

Secure Shredding

Keepsafe Storage offers a secure shredding service to customers across Scotland to help keep their personal details safe when moving house, relocating office or simply when having a clear-out of old files.  

Security shredding is an often-overlooked necessity but it is a truly essential service for individuals and businesses who want to protect their data and privacy.  

Our security shredding can be offered in conjunction with purchasing a secure storage location or as a standalone service. 

In addition to paper shredding service, we also securely and effectively destroy hard drives and data disks, as per the customer's request.  

If you have been searching for a “secure shredding service near me”, then you’ve found the perfect secure shredding company in Keepsafe Storage. 

Contact us today for a reliable, highly secure shredding service in Perth, Dundee or Dunfermline.  


Why use security shredding?  

Even in our increasingly digital world, many of us still manage to amount huge amounts of paperwork and important documents over the years. Whether it’s old bank statements, employment contracts, bills, or personal work documents, paperwork can easily build up and clutter our homes and workspaces.  

It can be tempting to collect all these documents and chuck them into the recycling bin, never to be thought of again. After all, if we no longer have a use for them then why worry about where they go? 

However, this is a huge mistake and can lead to serious problems for your personal and financial security later down the line. Criminals can work wonders with just a small collection of your personal details, and if you throw away paperwork that includes important information with your name, home address, banking details, or any other private information, security breaches become a real risk.  

So, instead of just dumping your old paperwork and expired work documents in the nearest bin you can find, consider using a secure shredding service.  

In this way you can ensure all the details found in the documents are properly destroyed and unable to be used in detrimental ways against you.  

Furthermore, getting rid of your old files, documents and paperwork helps free up your storage space, be it at home or in the office. You’ll be able to keep on top of your storage requirements easily and you’ll enjoy the satisfying feeling of working in a decluttered, organised space.  

Afterall, a tidy space = a tidy mind! 


How does your secure shredding service work? 

Our paper shredding services are reliable, secure and transparent. 

Upon contact, we’ll set a time and date for you to bring your documents from shredding to our secure shredding location. Using a cross-cut shredder, our team will get to work disposing and shredding your documents in a safe and secure manner.  

Once shredded, our operators will issue you with a certificate of destruction.  

Not able to transport the files or folders to us yourself? No problem.  

We can even offer a collection service from your home, office premises or your archive unit to save you even more time when looking to book secure shredding in your area.  


How secure is your shredding service? 

We offer an onsite security level 3 shredding service for all our paper shredding services.  

Level 3 is Cross-cut high-security shredding, which ensures all information and text is illegible and impossible to put back together.  

This secure shredding service complements our archive storage facilities. Securely store your achieved files and documents in one of our storage facilities, and when you feel like you no longer need them, use our secure shredding service to complete the job! 

What is the cost of your shredding services? 

Keepsafe Storage is happy to offer very affordable prices for the cost of shredding services.  

Our prices are based on one Archive box or equivalent. This could be a folder, group of files or just a collection of paperwork.  

Prices for our shredding services are: £8.50 per Archive Box (or equivalent). 

A discount price is available for large amounts. 

For the destruction of hard drives and data disks, prices are available on request.  

For more information on how to book our shredding service please contact any of our storage location centres, or for small quantities, just bring it in and we can handle your request in person.  

For secure shredding service in Dundee call: 01382 736 762 (Claypotts) or 01382 827 746 (Camperdown).

For secure shredding service in Perth, call: 01738 580 077.

For secure shredding service in Dunfermline, call: 01383 726 512.

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