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New Keepsafe website

01 December, 2022

Better Servicing Our Clients Self Storage Needs

New Keepsafe website

Welcome to our brand new Keepsafe website. After listening carefully to what customers wanted, and months of meticulous planning here is our new website. We hope you like it as much as we do! 

Making it user friendly was key. We wanted the information to be clear and to give you live storage space availability! Now you can see exactly what is available at each Keepsafe Storage Centre.  

Making it look is great but what’s the point if it you don’t know how to find us? Well we know the first port of call for our customers is a Google search to follow the links to our website to make informed decisions, find the right sized storage options, check out our contact details and get a price.  We have worked with the team at Inspire Digital to develop a website that is helpful to our customers and can be found easily. Updating our brand and making our website zing, has been down to the team at Fraktul Marketing. They have taken the time to really create something efficient, informative and functional, as well as looking fantastic. It’s what they do! The new site testament to the hard work and commitment of the teams at Keepsafe, Inspire and Fraktul, collaborating and making it work. 

Thank you to all who have had an integral part in the build of our new website, it’s more than just a few nice pictures and text. It now properly represents us and our brand. 

Stay tuned on our for all the latest news and stories from the team at Keepsafe.  

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