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Small Businesses

29 August, 2023

Small Businesses

Keepsafe Storage Small Business 

Self-storage is fast becoming very popular for small businesses due to the convenience and easy accessibility of storage units. Find out how we can supply the space needed to help a variety of small businesses to grow.

Small Business Obstacles
It can be a struggle for small businesses, especially when they are starting out and need all the support they can get. When running a small business, there are likely to be times when you have excess stock that you need to store in your office or home. This results in a cluttered work environment, leading to a lack of motivation. Self-storage offers additional space that may not be available in your daily workspace and helps to keep your business well-organised and functioning smoothly. As your business grows, you may require a warehouse to store excess stock. However, smaller companies may not need a huge amount of space or have the additional funds to justify hiring this space. Here at Keepsafe Storage, we have the perfect storage solution to support your business and save you a lot of time, money and effort. We can even accept deliveries on your behalf during office opening times, so you don't miss out on that all important delivery.

Business Storage Solutions
Storage units are a cost effective solution to your clutter. This additional space to archive important files and documents allows you to declutter and organise your workspace and create a more productive environment. Keepsafe Storage allows you to select the right storage space to suit your budget and individual businesses needs. In addition, it offers you the flexibility to upsize or downsize as your business needs change. With 24 hour access to your belongings, storage units can be used as a small-scale distribution centre or warehouse which is more cost effective than moving to a larger office or warehouse. Finally, our high security storage centres offer greater levels of security, as they are monitored by recorded 24 hour CCTV so you can rest easy knowing we have your items in safe hands.

Online Retail
Self-storage has many benefits to online retailers, offering them a convenient and cost-effective storage solution that will free up space at home or in their office. We offer various sized units across our storage centres, so we can provide the right sized storage that works well and suits small business budgets. Our storage units also help you get things done in a more organised and efficient manner, allowing you to keep paperwork and physical work separate, preventing clutter in the workplace and increasing productivity.

Tradesmen also find our storage units offer significant benefits to their businesses. Contractors are generally required to use a lot of machinery and tools that cannot be easily stored at home, in garages, or in garden sheds.

It is also not a good idea to store this equipment in a van as tools tend to be valuable and an easy target for thieves. Storing tools and equipment in a storage unit ensures they are kept securely between jobs and overnight. Also, most units allow 24-hour access to drive-up units, allowing contractors to pack up and unload their vans daily.

Construction and Decorating
Construction or home decorators have a lot of tools and materials that need to be safely stored away. Keeping tools in vans overnight increases the risk of robbery, resulting in massive losses when purchasing replacements. Our storage units offer heightened levels of security, providing a safe place to store everything and eliminating the need to worry about things getting stolen. Everything can remain organised and accessible, and there is no need to worry about excess materials taking up too much room in your van, garage or home.

Theatres and Galleries
Theatres and galleries need to store many items between performances and exhibitions.

Once an exhibition or performance is over, paintings and pieces of work need to be stored away as new displays are prepared and set up. As a result, a lot of clutter tends to build up at an increased rate during this period of change. Keepsafe Storage can help reduce this clutter by providing a safe and secure place to keep it when not in use or until artists can collect their pieces.

Restaurants are another industry that benefits from extra storage. Seasonal equipment and furniture need to be stored when not in use, and sometimes, this clutter may infringe on the standards of Health and Safety regulations. Patio furniture and seasonal decorations take up space that could be utilised to create a more spacious and comfortable environment for customers and staff. Storage units are also the perfect solution for storing excess stock, cleaning supplies, kitchen supplies and non-perishable products until needed.

Event Organisers
Event planners could all benefit from the extra space self-storage provides to help them stay organised and build up an inventory of event equipment. Whether planning weddings, parties, themed events, exhibitions, trade shows and many other events, it is helpful to have somewhere central to store advertising materials, brochures, props, lighting, chairs etc. A storage unit offers a cost-effective method by allowing you to select the exact amount of space needed, with the option to upsize and downsize your unit at practically any time. Keepsafe Storage allows 24/7 access, so you can get to your stock anytime you need to, without any hassle. Recorded and monitored CCTV means that our units offer greater security than your home or office can provide. If you’re a small business with a cluttered workspace, why not contact Keepsafe Storage for help to increase your workspace and help your business grow?

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